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The Executor's Companion

The Executor's Companion: A Practical Guide to Estate Administration
The Executor's Companion cover
By: Robert E. Kass, JD, LLM, Robert H. Downie, MBA, and Yuh Suhn Kim, JD, Editor
25 chapters, 370 pp, including glossary, Michigan probate forms, and detailed index.
Price: $29.95. ISBN 978-0-9856814-0-1.
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Partial Contents:
  • Keys to Achieving Peace and Harmony When Settling An Estate
  • How to Preserve and Pass On Digital Assets
  • The Ins and Outs of Organ Donation
  • Whom to Notify of the Funeral, How to Notify Them — and How NOT to Notify
  • Grief Support: Why and How to Obtain Help
  • How to Find “Lost” Insurance and Other Assets
  • Who Should Settle an Estate — and Do You Really Want the Job?
  • Where to Turn for Help — and Should You Go It Alone?
  • Inventorying the Assets and Tallying Liabilities: How to Pull It All Together
  • Social Security and Veteran’s Benefits: What’s Available and How to Make Claims
  • Dreaded Probate: How to Avoid Probate, How to Deal with the Probate Court if You Must, Including Forms
  • Dealing with Creditors: How to Cut Off Your Personal Liability, How to Handle an Insolvent Estate and Under Water Real Estate
  • Putting the Horror Stories in Perspective: Providing for Your Family’s Cash Needs
  • The Tax Man Cometh: Dealing with Estate Taxes and Income Taxes
  • Should You Take Fiduciary Fees? — And How to Keep Peace in the Family If You Do
  • Addressing the Survivors’ Financial & Estate Planning: Let’s Get It Right Next Time