About the Illustrator

JILL FLINN is a former art teacher, award winning professional artist, and animal rescuer. She and her husband live rurally and have taken in over 100 abandoned dogs and cats. They fund their own shelter through Jill’s art work which is inspired by many of the animals they rescue. All are taken to vets to be neutered, spayed, and have their medical needs met. Several acres of their farm are dedicated to housing the ones who are not adopted. They have had as many as 42 dogs and more than 20 cats. Currently 23 dogs call their farm home.

These grateful creatures are the beginning of a circle of giving.

They need a home and care; the Flinns get them those.

The antics and stories of these wayward pets inspire Jill’s mixed

media art, which is the sole source of funding for their shelter.

Just as a dog goes around in a circle before lying down to get comfortable, her art work goes in a circle to make abandoned animals comfortable.

2011 marks the 22nd year of Jill turning her art into kibble and vet bills. Focusing on the lighter side of rescue, her pieces are meant to bring a smile to the face of the viewer. The joy and appreciation shown by the rescues radiate hrough the art work.

Flinn Designs


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