What People Are Saying About This Book

“This modest sized but beautifully illustrated book gives the pet owner an accessible discussion on how we all need to plan for the care of our pets if we should not be able to do so. The book is comprehensive, but structured in easily understood chapters that effortlessly set out the issues and the precise legal questions that everyone needs to answer. I have never seen as clear a road map to peace of mind for the future of our pets.”

Professor David Favre, Michigan State University College of Law

Editor-in-Chief, Animal Legal & Historical Web Center, www.animallaw.info

“...An excellent, easy to use guide that will help you and your professional advisor develop a plan to care for your pet or service animal, such as a Leader Dog, if you are not able to care for them. Every day we witness how guide dogs enhance the lives of people who are blind and visually impaired. The beautiful illustrations are reminders of the love and companionship our animal friends bring to our lives.”

Gregory Grabowski, President & CEO

Leader Dogs for the Blind, Rochester Hills, Michigan

“As a veterinarian, I see too many cases where a pet owner has died and the family is unable or unwilling to care for the pets. They want them euthanized or will just drop them off at an animal shelter. As a pet owner, is this really what you want for your pets? Take the time to read this guide to learn how you can easily prevent this tragic outcome.”

Dr. Orit Rachel Szwarcman, DVM

Home-Vet, Huntington Woods, Michigan

“We can never love our pets enough. Our hearts are intertwined with theirs. We have to give them the care they need to know that, although we may be absent, they are never abandoned. Those of us who heed the advice in Who Will Care When You’re Not There? will honor our pets in the present and the future.”

Martin Scot Kosins, Author of Maya’s First Rose, Diary of a Very Special Love

A memoir of undying devotion for anyone who has ever loved and lost a pet

“We would all like to believe that we will outlive our loved ones, whether two- or four-legged. Unfortunately, that may not be the case. As an owner of dogs and horses, I believe it is absolutely critical that we make arrangements for the continued care of the precious animals with whom we have shared our lives. This book shows us why and how to do it, and is must reading for every pet owner.”

Lynne Ellyn

Novi, Michigan

“Bob Kass and Betty Carrie have succeeded in presenting a wealth of practical advice, in plain English, on all the issues every pet owner needs to know to plan for their pets’ future.... something many people are concerned about, but don’t do because they frankly don’t know where to start...

This book will also be an invaluable resource for lawyers interested in estate planning for pet owners.”

Anna Marie Scott, Attorney

Chair, Animal Law Section, State Bar of Michigan